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01-Dec-2017 11:55

Arthur St have to book to far in advance for me mate, I'm a sperr of the moment sort of guy cause other commitments can get in the way and have to cancel booking. Are you shaw it is peaches advertising on NZ Girls? Nice firm breast, actually one of the best breasts I have seen in a long time and small ass, reasonable figure. I made a pig of myself as I saw aalisha had finally hit the big smoke today also and bought along her hot buddy nikki (new zealand girls actual photo confirmed) I had read on this site mixed reviews on aalisha comments like answers her phone while on a booking etc etc but even these reviewers said that she is fucken hot and that she also works with the hottest friends.Anyway havn't been punting much lately, saving money to see Eden next time in Ch Ch. Well I had recovered from my lunch hour suffiently to book with aalisha and her friend nikki who by the way aalisha reccons has a better ass than hers which to me simply is not true but that is not to detract from the perfection of nikis to me asslishas is perfect from behind and honey you own the best lips in the business so nice to kiss but that may be too much information. Sex Gays Pics 6 Gay 9 Video 4 Gays Best Gay Sex Cool Gay Group sex, Gangbang. Hardcor Sex Pics Hardcore 4 You Cuteees girls Interracial sex. Sex Ebony Pics 6 Black 9 I Need Ebony Black Free Porn Black Girlfriend Ebony In Sex Black Free Porn Gay sex, Twinks. Sexy Draw Cartoon Sex Draw Cartoon Free Porn 6 Cartoons 9 6 Comics 9 Full Cartoons Celebrity porn pics.

awesome girls ya all made my day so anyone that has not had the best of times with these chicks simply must of pissed them or turned up smelling like a person that doesn,t know what a shower is remember respect them and your experience will be all the better have a laugh i did. Shot 4 Cum Handjob Pics Pics Blowjob Cum 4 Shot Handjob 4 Me Blowjob Porn Mature women, Milf. Celebs 4 Pics Celebs Nude Free 6 Celebs 9 Celebs 4 Sex Cumshot, Handjob, Blowjob.hi hot forty just left the company of yuko went to see her because the others on your list are quite good especially Gena but man I gotta say Yuko is hopeless just so not there bloody good hard massage though hell man Aurthur street must of scared you if yuko was diferent strokes for different folks but fuck I like sex good raw sex I am not there to fuck around I just want mutual respect some honesty on what both sides like and some good hard sex and satisfaction I dont need hand holding I havn,t gone soft in the head im not looking for got enough of that varity is the spice of life not a truer word spoken aye Went to see this babe today. then thinking back to lunch time monique that was a great ass too for different reasons.

As someone pointed out before I think, not everybodys taste. Fuck guys if you sorry bastards don't score a shag with these girls next time they visit town you have not lived. This was a great day in dunedin when we had 3 of the best girls i've ever had visited town and I had never met any of them before.Its hard to please all of the men all of the time!!! Not sure what you are getting at there Mark might have to explain. Today Monique was visiting town I was alerted to her skills on this fine web site.

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